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Paper writing guidelines

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Criteria for paper acceptance

 A paper will be accepted under the following criteria:

·         The papers must be innovative, analytical, and scientific and be the original work of the author or authors.

·         The papers need to meet the scientific method requirements and use original and recent reference.

·         Submitted papers must be relevant to the journal theme (Media Research), or based on one of the subjects provided by the journal.

Paper writing guidelines

·          Body of the paper must be maximum of 15 pages (with complete information: image, text, map and pictures)

·          abstract must be set in a separate page, and contains at least 250 and maximum of 300 words, with the complete title of the paper and key words (3- 5 words).

 Referee suggestions and contact details provided, based on journal requirements For further information, visit  :A Guide for New Authors

Call for Paper Submission to journal of Media Research

The researchers can send all their researches and academic works in the field of “ media”, to the following email address :info@mediaresearch.ir