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An Empirical Study Examining Attitude of active Iranian Internet users towards Mobile-Based Social networks

 Meysam Samband

Abstract In today’s world, there is no doubt that mobile-based social media networks are dynamically changing the way people share ideas and interact. Whether it be connecting with friends, sharing information with a mass audience, participating in a collective dialogue about a topic, or utilizing one of the countless other features of these social networks, these empower users to communicate in new, dynamic ways never before seen in today’s society. The aim of this paper is to study the attitude of active Iranian Internet users towards Mobile-based social networks. The impact of gratification of social media; learning/ pedagogy; motivation occurrence and interaction with others is tested through structural questionnaire. The sample consisted of 384 Iranian users from Kish Island. Data analysis shows that there is significant correlation between attitude and gratification of using media, learning through using media, motivation of using media and Interaction with others.

 Keywords: Mobile-based social networks- attitude- gratification- learning- motivation- interaction

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Metacognitive Theory:A Theory for Management of Schemas of Human Communication
Najmeh Talebi- Afshin Tayyebi
Abstract:Verbal and non-verbal communications are the essence of human interactions. Human beings could survive via their optimum communications. From psychological aspects, schemas and cognitions are considered as bases of human information processing and communications. Schemas define patterns of human thought, behavior, interaction and communication which organize individuals’ cognition and personal information and relate varied cognitions in brain regions. Metacognition is the monitoring and attentional system of brain on modification of people’s mental schemas and would be considered as a way to manage human schemas. At the time, metacognitive theory has become a theory of analysis, management, and therapy of schemas of human thought, action, and communication. Regarding the lack of review papers in this domain and an increasing need to establish a theoretical basis for experimental and comparative studies, the present paper announces the metacognitive theory, empirical and theoretical fundaments, practical domains and applications of this framework on human communications.

Keywords: Metacognition, Schema, Cognition, Metacognitive Theory, Metacognition Therapy, Human Communication.

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Effect of press on social capital of Iranian and French Students: The role of social trust
Ferydoon Kamran -Mehdi Akhtar Mohagheghi

Abstract:The present study aimed to find association between the use of press and its type with social trust. The effects of press on social trust was investigated among young adult members of Facebook in tree levels: trust in family, trust in friends and acquaintances, and trust in groups and organizations. The sample of current survey consisted of 300 university students which are Facebook members during 2013 that chosen via random sampling. Data analyzed by SPSS. Results revealed a positive relation between amount (time) of press usage and social trust in all three levels (family, friends and acquaintance, & groups and organizations). In other words, social trust improves with increasing levels of reading.

Keywords: Social Capital, Social Trust, Young Adults, Iran, France.

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Represenattion of Mutimodal Therapy Approach in Substance-Abuse-Oriented Movies in Iran Cinema
Mustafa Afereidun
Amir Mohammad Shahsavarani

Abstract:The aim of the visual media (Movie) is to break the conventional mental structures which has a great role on portraying personal and social issues. One of today’s important problems substance-abuse behaviors that this study tries to find their representations in Iranian movies according to Multimodal Psychotherapy (MMT) approach. In this descriptive-analytical study, with the use of purposive nonprobability sampling, 1117 movie scenes were inspected according to seven modes of behavior, emotion, senses, imagery, cognition, interpersonal relations, and drug-biology. Content analysis revealed that amongst analyzed scenes related to dimensions, Marham with 21.6% about behavior, Marham with 19.5% about emotion, Escape from camp (1) with 18.7% about senses, Escape from camp (1) with are congruent with MMT and are suitable choices to be incorporated within the therapy procedure.

Keywords: Multimodal Therapy (MMT), Psyhcotherapy, Movie, Cinema, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Iranian Cinema

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A meditation over contemporary environmental advertisements
Ali Ghiyasian

Abstract:Environmental advertisement is one of various advertising methods which have been used a lot throughout the time; However, frequency of pictures as well as behavioral and cultural changes raise a question that whether environmental advertisements have maintained their previous efficacy on audience or whether such high-cost environmental advertisements are feasible. The current qualitative study aimed to study environmental advertisements and understand such advertising strategies from various perspectives and used descriptive methods to synthesize findings of varied authors. The conditions and ways of most optimum efficacy of environmental advertisement in current communities are discussed in the present paper.  

Keywords: Advertisement, Advertising Methods, Environmental Advertisement.

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Social Exchange Theory (SET):A theory of Communication and Interpersonal Interactions within the Society
Amir Mohammad Shahsavarani
Abstract:The basis of human life in societies is upon reciprocal and mutual cooperative systems. In most circumstances, individuals cannot satisfy their demands/needs acting stand alone. Therefore, mutual interactions and communications with each other, has become a key concern in psychosocial studies. In the field of social sciences, Social Exchange Theory (SET), has a major role on combination of diverse findings about relations and application of such information in analysis and prediction of social agents’ actions within different social and interpersonal situations. The present paper tries to review the literature on this dynamic theory and its implications in social and behavioral conditions of human life.

Keywords: Social Exchange Theory (SET), Communication, Social Relation, Social Interaction, Interpersonal Relations, Socialization.

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Study of Impact of the press on the social capital of the Youth in Tehran (by emphasis on social Trust)
 Ferydoo Kamran ,. Majid Kaffashi ,Mehdi Akhtar Mohagheghi

ABSTRACT:This study is aimed at finding a correlation between the extent of using the press (reading of press) and the type of the press with the social trust.For this purpose the impact of the press on the social trust is examined in three levels: A) trust on family, B) trust on friends and acquaintances and C) trust on organizations by the youth in Tehran.The research method is survey and means of gathering data is questionnaire and the sample population of the study is 390 young individuals from 3 different districts of Tehran which have been selected on cluster sampling and using random method.The SPSS software has been employed for the descriptive and inferential statistic questions and the result of the study shows positive relationship between the extent of time spent on using the press and the extent of the social trust at the family, friends and organizational levels.This means that by increasing the time spent on reading the press, the level of the social trust will also increase. On the other hand there is also a positive relationship between the different content of the press and the extent of the trust at family, friends and organizational levels but between the trust on different topics of the press (social, political, cultural and economic) and the social trust there was no relationship at the organizational level.In short, it can be concluded that the press can play a major role in promoting or diminishing the social trust and consequently the social capital in the society.
Keywords: social capital, social trust, youth, Tehran

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